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Colts Athletics

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5 months ago @ 8:50PM

Middle School Boys Tryouts - Official Roster

Coach Thompson and I are thankful for all the young men that came out for MS Boys basketball tryouts.  Thank you for participating and for allowing us to add a 3rd date for tryouts.  With so many trying out, we wanted to make sure we made the right decisions.  The official team is players 1-10 (players are listed by grade).  The development team members are indicated by asterisks and are the 5 players listed after the official team.  Development players should attend practices and games and will be issued a uniform.  The plan would be for them to mostly play in exhibition quarters against the schools willing to add a 5th quarter.  Coach Thompson can utilize any development player during official quarters at his discretion.  For all the players not chosen, please keep playing and try again next year.  It was a very difficult decision.  Coach Thompson will be in touch regarding the parent meeting soon.

1.  Ryan Adcock, 8

‚Äč2.  Gage Edwards, 8

3.  Nate Jones, 8

4.  Nicholas Shah, 8

5.  Sam Boyd, 7

6.  Jeremiah Williams, 7

7.  Will Alston, 6

8.  Julian Pahl, 6

9.  Matt Perkinson, 6

10. Luke Williams, 6

*  Brady Bargfrede 7

* Forrest Capps, 6

* Lucas Lane, 6

* Noah Newbern, 6

* Eric Simmons, 6

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